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Your mobile phone or tablet is an easy target for potential thievery. Your phone can be locked but the SD Card is by nature not encrypted and all your documents can be taken by whomever takes the time to mount it on another device.

This is a little open source (GPL) encryption application to protect copies of your personal data when being on the move. Any file can be protected with a password.

Protect your digital scans of your drivers license, social security number or credit cards. Protect important contracts, other business documents or just personal family pictures or movies.

Use this only with copies of your personal data, if the encryption goes wrong or you forget your password, nothing can recover from this, there is no master key to help you.

Once you have set your password you can browse through your folders and lock and unlock your files by simply tapping them. When TravelCrypt is paused or is put in the background it will forget your password to prevent anyone else but you from opening your files.

TravelCrypt is released under an Open Source License, if you feel like downloading the source code to check if your data is really safe, please do. If you are a developer and would like to change the code, please do, but keep the GPLv3 in mind. Like the program ? please comment on the market ! Found a bug ? please contact me ( or fix it yourself and let me know how you did it ! )




can you specify, which encryption is used?


TravelCrypt uses AES encryption, the password is temporarily stored with a SHA-1 encryption.
you can look at the source code if you're unsure about the encryption :)


Hello, I think it would be better if you add the "two step" password check.
It's too simple to make a mistake.

yes, that certainly would be better, I'll take this up in the next version (amongst other changes)

TravelCrypt is updated, two way password is available ;)

Please can you make an option to encrypt all the files in a directory (and it's sub-directories) by holding down the directory name? I have hundreds of documents and clicking one at a time is daunting.
Also, is the AES 128 or 256?
Many thanks for a great app! :)


. directory based encryption is a feature I would like to implement, easy to do, but I want to make sure to implement it correctly.
. AES 128 , I should rev it up to 256 , also in the next release.

Thanks for the feedback :)