Sourcetrunk (Episode 077) : OwnCloud

This episode will demonstrate OwnCloud, the Open Source solution for your own cloud where you can manage your files, bookmarks, contacts and appointments without security or privacy issues. (and even can listen to your own music while doing that)

OwnCloud Demo
install OwnCloud
contribute to OwnCloud

Android pick : Tivo Commander

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Merry Christmas!

and a Merry Christmas to you ! ;)


Hi Dimitri
Thanks for making me aware of this nice application. Indeed, I do not like to share my files with third parties. Uploading files to ownCloud works nicely on my installation (Ubuntu server 10.04, ownCloud2, sqlite; on client side android 3.1 device or Ubuntu 11.04 with Firefox 8.0), also playing music and viewing photos from the file tab. However, the music and the gallery tabs are empty; and remain empty despite rescan.
As a web-search finds numerous related questions, it seems that ownCloud is still early in development and has some issues. I'm sure these two apps work in some peoples' hands, but it is apparently not easy to get them to work. I also have difficulties with cardDAV, but this could be related to the client-side.
What is your experience? Did these things work out of the box for you?

I solved the gallery issue: GD was not installed, which resulted in an unsatisfied php call to imagecreatefromjpeg. Installed this package (with "sudo apt-get install php5-gd") restarted apache, gallery works. It took me some time to figure this out ...

nice tip, I did not have this problem since the php5-gd library was already installed for my Gallery configuration.

they should make a checklist of the necessary modules which should be installed (when installing owncloud).

Thanks for the feedback !


I have to admit that the DAV configuration gave me some headaches too, but eventually it works -great ! :)
There is still a lot of ground to be covered for the developers, but again, it's in it's early stages and already is very usable and promising for the future.

Kind regards,

The program reminds me of pogoplug. without hardware.

Amahi allows you to do similar things. How do the two stack up against each other?


I really should try these out, have heard a lot about Amahi.
Will try to squeeze it in :)

Thanks for the feedback,
Kind regards,